ROX is your Gateway to the Market℠.

ROX is a sophisticated electronic order management system with instant routing to exchanges, ECNs, market makers and MTFs world-wide. ROX empowers traders by providing lightning fast access to many sources of liquidity. With ROX, you can now benefit from competition among a large number of market centers, each with special advantages and opportunities. Its simple yet powerful point-and-click screens enable trading in many marketplaces at the same time. It is efficient, reliable and easy to use. Its speed, simplicity, and record-keeping abilities give you a performance edge in the marketplace.

Lek Securities designed ROX for its own proprietary trading activities. Thus, ROX was designed by traders to be used by traders. Although originally intended for sell side customers, ROX is being used by an ever-growing number of institutional investors who want to have access to tools previously available only to the trading desks of large brokerage firms.